Our Story

Dreams | Our Story

For years, our owner dreamed about starting a brand that focused on doing good. 

So, she dreamed up a place where both the beginner and expert social and environmentally conscious person could co-exist without judgement.  A place where communication was key.  A place where giving was integral to its DNA. 

That dream became Sage & Alms.

DewBurst is the first product in a family of brands under Sage & Alms


The Name | Sage & Alms

This name embodies who we are today and tomorrow. 

Sage: 1. Wisdom, 2. Plant or shrub, 3. Known for its healing or preservative properties

Alms: 1. Anything given as charity (Time, Money, etc.)


Our Mission | The Future

Our purpose is to make a sustainable, measurable impact on the world through people, products, and charitable giving.


Almsgiving Campaign | Benevolence

You buy, We Give!

10% of all proceeds will go towards a charitable cause. 

Click the link below for more information.

Almsgiving Campaign

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